LOOP.bz - an educated process

At LOOP.bz we know that process and result are connected. The same process as always, will give the same results as always. On the other hand, if you have an inclusive and open process, it allows for innovative and inspired solutions.

When we work on a project, we involve experts in relevant fields as well as the most precious experts of all – the end-users, whether they be the teachers and students of a school or business-owners and residents in a housing area.

Their ideas and knowledge are fed into the decision-making, organically changing and developing it along the way. As the project develops with this new input, people from all sides are allowed to continue to contribute, thus allowing the project to naturally evolve.

We call this process “the looping of ideas”. It makes the decision-making process longer, and we have found it to also make it much more fruitful. Where traditional planning fails, this works because it incorporates all the doubts, conflicts and problems into the planning process, resulting in an end product that actually does what it is supposed to while satisfying everyone.