The network

At, we work within a continually growing network. Our network spans many professions, nationalities and backgrounds. With every project, we assemble the best possible team by selecting people across our network who we feel have something unique to bring to the group and the development process. We do this because we believe that each project is unique and deserves a tailor-made team.

We work in networks because it helps us develop new ideas. Rather than a static team working on the same task all the time, our collaborators are also involved with other projects. We all find inspiration from work we are doing in other projects for the tasks we are working on together. We believe that it is important to be motivated for every project and to develop and evolve with it.

As a global company we are always looking for inspiration, information and experiences from around the world. One of our key values is that knowledge should be shared across national borders and time zones. We not only believe there is strength in diversity - we believe it is crucial. It is this global network of expertise that makes unique.

Network list